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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday (Part 10)

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After the amount he had to drink last night, Matt should’ve had a hangover, but he once again found himself in a new body--and this body didn’t drink last night. While he may have escaped the morning after effects of alcohol, he couldn’t get away from his own memories, though they were a little fuzzy. He was pretty sure he experienced sex as a woman last night; plus, he was pretty sure that he liked it! But a feeling of morning after guilt still filled him, and he was just hoping it would fade as he continued to travel from body to body.


  1. At least this woman ended in another female body :) Nice continuation :D

  2. I was thinking the act of sex in a body would be the thing that seals him in a certain body say the black ladis body. Thanks for surprising me.

  3. Amazing series. Mysterious and rather tragic for most involved. Especially those losing lots of years. I wonder how its going to end,