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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Start the party (Part 1)

Kevin was talked into attending a costume party by one of his friends. He had never really enjoyed dressing up, so he went without a costume. When he arrived, he discovered that it looked like he was the only person not dressed up; this made him very noticeable. The party’s host, a blonde woman by the name of Marta dressed in a Barbarella-esque outfit, started bitching him out. But she explained that there was a solution as she zapped him with what looked like a toy gun that she was holding. But it was certainly no toy, as it apparently swapped their bodies! Marta told him that she would take care of his costume while he enjoyed the party in her body. He was stunned as she walked away. Then he realized that she left him with the bodyswapping gun; he could use it to become anyone he wanted!