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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trouble (Part 1)

Otis had always been conservative and very protective of his little sister, despite (or maybe because of) her often wild ways. When she went off to college, he knew that he’d no longer be able to look after her. He often wished he could still keep her out of trouble. One Friday night, he got his wish. He suddenly found himself in a loud, smelly room. His mind was spinning, and he soon realized that he was drunk...and inside his sister’s body! This was not what he he had in mind! At least he knew nothing bad would happen as long as he was in control of her body..or so he thought! It seemed that along with her body, Otis also obtained his sister’s wild ways. He downed a few drinks and danced provocatively with some guys. He was shocked at his own actions, but he just couldn’t help himself.


  1. LOL, great use of picture. I bet he's going to be a bigger slut than his sister. Is it a possession or a body swap?

  2. LOL! wickedy funny. I bet she might end up more stogy theen her brother in hiss body! Good start