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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First Night Out (Part 2)

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After only two drinks, Al found himself moving from being a wallflower to making a fool of himself on the dance floor. He didn’t think two drinks was a big deal, but he wasn’t used to the lighter weight and lower tolerance of his new body either. He was much drunker than he realized. At the same time, he felt he had room for plenty more. As he continued to dance, he yelped out to the waiter to bring a drink out to him. Thanking the young man with slurred speech, Al felt a strange tingle in response to the young man’s proximity. Al realized he was feeling his borrowed body’s hormonal influence. Since he was in the body of a straight woman, he was now starting to find guys attractive! And with the alcohol running through his system, it was hard to fight this desire.

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