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Monday, December 2, 2013


“I don’t think either of you read this contract carefully enough,” Hugo said as he pointed to one particular clause, “It does NOT say that we all must switch back when one of us wants to; it says that if even one person doesn’t want to switch back, we stay swapped. Since I am quite content in Lily’s body, we aren’t going to be switching back any time soon.”

“That’s quite fine with me,” A confident Frank stated from inside Hugo’s body, “I don’t know why you’re willing to give up your body and your position as CEO to be in a woman’s body, but I am not complaining about the job, this body, or the money that comes with it.”

“But this can’t be!” Lily protested from Frank’s body, “I don’t want to be stuck like this! You two can’t do this to me! You just can’t!”

“We didn’t do anything,” Hugo said, “You signed the contract. You agreed to this!”

1 comment:

  1. Very good story & use of pic. Why did he want her body & what does she do?