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Thursday, December 26, 2013


“Do you see anything, Professor?” Carol asked.

“Nothing,” The professor sighed, “You kids are lucky. It’s unlikely anyone else would have believed you, but forty years ago I saw and experienced the same astronomical phenomenon that you kids did. I ended up switching bodies with my future wife for a week before we found it again. As the years passed, we told ourselves that we must have imagined those memories.”

Ron put a hand on his hip. He didn’t have the patience for Professor Conrad’s babbling, and as a graduate student he certainly didn’t like being referred to as a “kid.”

But he held his mouth. He didn’t want to piss off his astronomy teacher. After all, so far he was the only one who believed them when they talked about the strange burst in the sky that had switched the pair’s bodies. He also seemed to have a bit of experience with it. However, so far, Ron also didn’t think he had been much help. After all, he was still stuck in Carol’s body right now, and she was still in his.

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