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Sunday, May 14, 2023


Miguel had tried to cross the border into the United States several times now, but so far he had been unsuccessful. This time he sought out help from a man who everyone talked about with high regard. The man looked at Miguel, took his money, and immediately stabbed him with a syringe.

The next thing Miguel realized was that he had awoken on his feet. Except that he soon noticed they weren’t his feet. The small, dainty feet seemed to be encased in very new shoes,which lead up to feminine legs encased in yoga pants. And instead of the desert border, he was now in some sort of suburb.

He heard a man’s voice, “Is everything okay? Come on in, Honey.”

Miguel realized he was a woman; the man who was talking must be this woman’s husband. This must be how he was snuck across the border -- straight into this woman’s body! But how was he going to live as her? The moment he opened his mouth, they’d know. He barely spoke English; he had a strong accent. He chose to keep his mouth shut, nod, and follow the man inside.

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