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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Cold War Relic

Prviate Larry Klein had volunteered for the army’s experiment at the height of the Cold War. With no immediate family, he was a perfect candidate to be frozen with plans to be thawed out when technology allowed. It took about a hundred years for the military scientists to bring back the people they had frozen. What they discovered was the body wasn’t able to be saved, but the mind was.

Larry was among the first to be unfrozen and placed in a new body. He was expendable enough if something went wrong and low enough in rank that he couldn’t complain about the fact that they had stuck his brain into a woman’s body.

After doing so, they gave him a coat as they walked him through the underground facility where other frozen bodies were kept. He was amazed to be in the future, more than thankful to have participated, and actually quite excited about his now female body!

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