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Monday, May 15, 2023

Secret Crush

Ever since I saw her, I don’t think I could get her out of my head. She worked on the same floor as I did at one of those co-working spaces where tons of companies would rent small rooms. I always dreamed about asking her out, but couldn’t even build up to courage to ask her name or even say hello.

It turned out her name was Angie.

I found that out when fate decided to intervene. When that whole “Great Shift” happened and swapped everyone’s bodies. And wouldn’t you know it? I ended up in hers. Suddenly, the woman I couldn’t muster a single word to was now talking my ear off about things I needed to know. In any other situation, learning that much about her would’ve been great, but it was all just too weird. As I slowly adapted to her life, it was hard not to imagine there were guys out there looking at me. I was probably some guy’s secret crush in the way she had always been mine.

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