Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Weird Prom (Part 1)

Adam was nervous as he waited outside his girlfriend’s house. Things since the Great Shift had just gotten weird for everyone. He was considering breaking things off with Sophia, considering the body she ended up with, but he was having trouble finding a good time. And maybe she wanted to end things too? After all, he wasn’t the 18-year-old jock/football star he had been when they started dating either. He was now in the body of his own neighbor, a 23-year-old Asian woman who had worked as a programmer -- he hadn’t realized quite how stunning she was until he put on this dress for prom. He knew he was good looking, but what if Sophia didn’t even like girls anymore?

They had already agreed to go to the prom before the Shift happened, so that’s why he was here. Maybe he’d do it right after or maybe next week. He knew he had to do it eventually. His thought was broken as the door opened...

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