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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Blind Date (Part 2)

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I had already found Jennifer quite annoying from the moment she greeted me so rudely on our blind date, but thanks to the Great Shift, I was stuck swapped into her body. Basically, we were stuck dealing with each other for basic facts about our new bodies, so I played as nice as I could.

The first night, we stayed at each other’s places. When I opened her closet, it looked like she owned dozens of the exact same outfit with only the slightest variation. It was a little too button-up for me, but I coped -- I even managed to do her hair and makeup as she instructed. And I didn’t forget her birth control either!

Over the next few months, it got easier, and that meant not having to see Jennifer nearly as much. I was pretty thankful, but I think it made her worry. I get a call one day asking to meet her for lunch. She gets down on one knee and proposes to me! I rolled my eyes the entire way home. She hadn’t asked me out or asked me to try to go on dates. No, she jumped straight to marriage. I knew she didn’t like me any better than I liked her, but I also knew she couldn’t stand the thought of her body being on its own without her, maybe dating someone else, maybe never seeing her again!

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