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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Quick Decision (Part 2)

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As it turned out, the woman Brandon swapped with wasn’t quite as rich as he guessed based on her outfit. She was wearing the nice outfit for a job interview, and took the cab so she wouldn’t be late. Of course, Brandon had no clue when he first swapped, and so he ended up missing the opportunity. Apparently, that job was this woman’s chance to get out of poverty. She had been giving a rare chance, and he was the one that blew it. He expected to be bummed out about all of this, but he was surprisingly happy. Sure, he wore clothes from a church donation bin, took the bus almost everywhere, and this woman was an adult still living with her mom. However, her family was also supportive and loving. He felt like he had a true home. He also enjoyed being a woman much more than he would’ve expected -- though he did develop a desire for clothes he could never afford!

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