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Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Hunter always thought those few years of college where you were technically an adult but not quite old enough to drink were the worst, especially with all the pressure to have a few brews. Luckily, his friend hooked him and his girlfriend, Tina, up with a guy that made “the best” fake IDs.

But Hunter’s first inspection made him skeptical. The people on the IDs looked nothing like him or Tina, and they had birthdays that made them around 50 years old. The guy just laughed. These weren’t just any fake IDs, they were made with advanced AI. Turn them on before you grab some beer from the store, and you actually appear to be the person on the ID for a few hours.

And the weird thing was that they worked! Hunter timed it out a few times. He’d turn the IDs on, head to the store, grab the beers, and come back to the dorm. He’d always change back after three hours.

But after one time nearly getting busted, Tina insisted they go to the club to drink instead. Hunter wasn’t sure about being out in the older body, even if it was just an illusion, but Tina talked him into it. However, when they finally decided to do it, Hunter accidentally picked up Tina’s ID by mistake. For the next three hours, he’d be stuck as the older woman on Tina’s ID.

He tried to get her to go back to the dorms, but she told him to loosen up and have fun. He tried, but he felt so uncomfortable as a woman on the dance floor. He was just glad he was probably old enough that the guys in the club didn’t seem to be interested in him. But when he finally hit the point he couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t find Tina. He ended up sticking around, because the last thing he wanted to do was leave her alone here; they were nearing the three hour limit anyway. But then the three hours came and went, and Hunter still seemed to be stuck, still in the ficticious body of Wei Ming, the woman shown on Tina’s fake ID. Why wasn’t he changing back? It got worse when he went to the bathroom to find that the body wasn’t a mere illusion!

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