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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Need to Leave

Wilson’s luggage was already on board, and he was about to enter the train himself when he heard a shout in the distance. He sighed as he saw his wife standing there, begging him not to leave.

“I can’t do this any more,” He lamented, “I thought I could make it work with us, but the Great Shift swapped me into this woman’s body, and it just feels things. Things I’m not quite used to. I tried to tell myself every day that I was still a guy, and that I should still be attracted to my wife, who is hotter than ever. But this body could just never feel it. It feels jealous by how much more attractive you are than me; it wants a man to satisfy its needs. I can’t tell you how weird this all feels for me; but I also can’t deny it. I had told you I needed to leave; we had discussed it; we had agreed. I’m moving out to a new city, a new life. I need a fresh start; I need to figure out who I really am now.”

His wife hugged him one last time, but Wilson broke free to make his way onto the train. Perhaps what made him feel the worst was that he didn’t feel the sort of sadness he felt he should feel.

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