Friday, April 21, 2023

Just a Game (Part 1)

Logan sat alone in the stands watching the high school baseball game. The rest of the crowd were parents and recruiters, and he just didn’t want to give a reason why a 40-year-old woman with no relation to anyone on the field was there watching a bunch of 18-years-old play this game. The real reason why, of course, he was sure no one would believe. Logan had somehow swapped bodies with this woman, Angela, and neither knew why or how to swap back. He watched Angela on the field, hoping she would do well enough in his body to catch the attention of the recruiters. He had spent the last few days teaching her everything he knew, he could only hope it was enough. And, at this point, he could only hope they would swap back to be able to enjoy any of this success! As so far, neither could find any clues about how to get back to normal!

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