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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Whatever It Takes

Al had been working hard in order to make his way in the world, dreaming of being a famous rapper. He had performed a few local showcases and made several mixtapes, but he never really took off. However, one day, a guy dropped him a business card from a record label and asked Al if he was willing to do whatever it took to get famous. Al quickly shook the man’s hand and agreed to meet him the next day at a studio.

And so he arrived, sat down in front of the mic and put on the headphones. But then Al felt a sharp pain; it felt like his body was morphing from the inside. He saw his reflection in a mirror, a cute Asian girl was sitting where Al once was.

“What the hell?” He heard his now cute voice ask.

“You said you were willing to do whatever it took,” The man said from behind the board, “Female k-pop bands are big. We needed a rapper for the group, so we had to adjust you. I promise you that if you refuse, you won’t have another opportunity.”

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