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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Leading Edge (Part 2)

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The tech bro seemed to waffle between being excited at the success of his invention and sorry for the fact that it caught fire. He gave David and the woman his company’s address and set up a meeting for after the festival to come up with some sort of “mutually beneficial arrangement.”

David knew he was going to be stuck in this woman’s body for the next few days, so he got some basic information from her. Her name was Heather; he found out where her tent was. Every piece of clothing she brought with her was seemingly as skimpy and eccentric as what she was wearing -- given the context of the festival, it made sense, but he was still not happy to be stuck wearing it for the next few days. He couldn’t wait until this was all over, they went to that meeting, this was all sorted out, and he was back to normal.

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