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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Not Just Any Taxi

Simon looked at his app to see that every single rideshare service was upping their fees due to congestion, so he signed up for to share a ride with a person going to the same place. He was picked up first, and a woman got in soon after. They didn’t make any small talk as they were stuck in traffic; they both just seemed to grumble.

They both got out in front of the same building. The driver turned to Simon and said, “Have a nice day, Sir.” After feeling woozy for a moment, Simon replied as soon as he was able, “You have a nice day, too.” He suddenly found himself once again feeling woozy.

He didn’t realize he swapped with the driver; he never got a chance to read the journal. It was probably the shortest time stuck in the driver’s body in the history of the magic taxi. But as he now stood on the side of the road in the body of the woman he had just ridden with, he did guess that the swap had something to do with the taxi. He began trying to hail another, hoping to take another ride and trigger another swap. He didn’t want to be stuck as a woman, but he had no clue that not just any taxi would do the trick; it had to be the one specific magic taxi...

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