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Monday, April 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Part 4)

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Doug kept thinking back to last night, and it kept putting a smile on his face. He had gone out to a nightclub on the advice of his counselor, and he ended up going home with someone! They talked for a while to explain their incidents. Doug talked about how he had been a college aged guy before the Great Shift put him into the body of Professor Katherine Liu. It seems the man was in a similar situation, having previously been a 30 year old woman, she was going by the name Chris -- incidentally short for her own name and the name of the man she became. Their talk turned to passion, as they became intimate. When Chris shouted Doug’s name, he corrected her. He wanted to be called “Katie.” It seemed right now.

And all of that was going through Doug’s mind now -- or, rather, Katie’s mind. Her counselor had been right. She had to embrace her femininity; the fact that she was now a woman. The fact that she was Katie Liu. When she did that, it all fit into place.

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