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Friday, March 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Part 3)

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And so reluctantly, Doug went to the mall to pick out an outfit like the one’s he seen girls in his class wear on Friday nights, and he forced himself to wear it before heading to a club.

The loud music bothered him at first in a way that loud music had never bothered him before. He went to the bar to buy his first beer, spitting out the first sip due to how disgusting it tasted. He was ready to call it a failure and go home until a pink drink with an umbrella showed up next to him. The bartender told Doug it was from a man at the end of the bar; Doug didn’t even look to acknowledge.

The pink drink wasn’t bad, and he ended up having several more. This gave him the courage to go on the dance floor. Things didn’t seem nearly as bad now, and he was feeling happy for the first time in forever.

He returned to the bar again and another pink drink was waiting for him. The bartender explained it was from the same man. Doug looked over to see an older man -- scratch that, technically this man was now probably around his age -- who looked like a silver fox. Doug couldn’t believe it, but his body was actually feeling excited, and to a man at that! Doug decided to take the next step and flirt a little. He put on the biggest smile he could and walked over.

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