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Thursday, March 23, 2023

PhD Thesis

Vincent had been working on his PhD thesis about electro-neural pathways, and he developed a theory about hooking up wires to just the right spots in order to read people’s thoughts. He had asked his friend Ayumi to help test it out. He began at a low level, and it didn’t seem to have any effect. He began to turn it up slowly, and it was soon at full power. He couldn’t hear a thought, but he sensed an emotion.

“Are you nervous, Ayumi?” He asked. When he got no response, he repeated, “Ayumi?”

He quickly reached over to sever the connection, but that’s when he noticed he wasn’t controlling his own hand anymore, he moving Ayumi’s! His own body just sat there lifeless. He tried powering down slowly, but he was still stuck as Ayumi! Even when off and disconnected, he remained her. Somehow instead of transfering active thoughts from her to him, he had somehow transfered all his memories and personality into her!

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