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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 4)

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Neil was absolutely exhauted after the latest swap. He had already passed out, but he still felt like he wanted to sleep for a week. He was snapped back to an alert state by a familiar voice.

“Hey, Melissa,” The guy said addressing Neil, obivously without knowing who he really was, “What are you doing hanging out with that loser?”

It was Brett, a guy who was always needlessly mean to him. He was sitting there with his girlfriend. Neil thought back to all the times Brett had made fun of him for not being “manly” enough. With the last ounce of his energy, Neil swapped their bodies.

He wasn’t conscious to see it, but apparently they both totally freaked out. While Melissa enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to tell Neil about it, she was getting more than a little concerned about Neil’s health and (for that matter) any sort of ill-effects that her own body might end up inheriting, as Neil was still in possession of it at this time.

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