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Monday, March 13, 2023


Calvin lived a hard life. He spent long hours at work, and still often had to put in time on side gigs just to make ends meet. He envied celebrities that seemed to live such easy and carefree lives. He wished he could live the life of a celebrity. And one day, he awoke to find his wish came true. He woke up in a strange room, but when he looked in the mirror, he certainly recognized the female face that now looked back. Being a female wouldn’t have been his first pick, but he couldn’t complain.

Over the next few months, he just sort of lounged about, doing whatever he wanted. He ignored calls from the woman’s manager and agent. And that sloth lifestyle eventually got the better of him. He would look in the mirror and no longer recognize himself due to the weight gain. He finally answered a call from the woman’s personal trainer and met up at the gym. Getting back in shape was going to be hours of hard work, and plans to get back into the limelight sounded like they were going to be even more difficult. But it also appeared he was going to have no choice, the debts this woman had that he had ignored since finding himself in her body were coming due...

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