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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Restrictions Apply

With all the fake props at the local comic convention, finding an actual magic lamp was probably unheard of -- of course, finding a magic lamp anywhere was probably unheard of -- but that’s exactly what Jared found. When the genie came out, Jared was thankful he was away from the crowd, and the sheer amount of cosplayers meant the genie could walk around without being noticed. Then the genie gave the rules. Apparently, Jared couldn’t wish for anything deemed to be “too big” or “too disruptive.” Jared asked how he would know, and the genie just explained that he’d let Jared know.

So Jared tried wishing for money, fame, and love; all of which the genie deemed to be ungrantable. In an effort to just get anything from the genie, he wished for the best costume at the convention. The genie nodded, but instead of upgrading Jared’s outfit, he swapped Jared’s body with the woman who had just won Best Costume.

Jared was getting more and more frustrated with the genie at this point. He would have to use at least one of his remaining wishes in order to get his own body back, and then he’d only have one left. Of course, that is assuming he could find something, anything the genie would actually grant him that didn’t involve swapping bodies with someone!

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