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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sister (Part 2)

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Jeremy had a miserable summer following the instructions Kelly was yelling at him all the time about what to eat and when to exercise. He would ask his father every day if the body swapper was fixed, but his dad would often just shake his head or answer with a sigh.

When fall rolled around again, Kelly would have to go off to Jeremy’s college and Jeremy would go off to Kelly’s. She made him promise to follow her workout routine and diet. He agreed, but with the unlimited food at the college cafeteria and without Kelly yelling at him, he certainly slipped.

When winter break came around, both returned from their colleges, and Kelly was horrified to see how much weight Jeremy had put on her body. She watched him prepare a meal that was gigantic! She began to yell at him about it when their father entered the room, saying the machine was fixed and able to swap them back to their own bodies.

Kelly cried, saying she no longer had her body to return to. As Jeremy ate, he licked his fingers and spoke with a mouth full of food, stating that he didn’t mind staying like this either. Kelly shouted that wasn’t what she meant, and that she wouldn’t swap back until Jeremy lost the extra weight he had put on. Jeremy smiled and told her she was going to wait forever then.

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