Saturday, March 11, 2023

Safe Space

In his four years at college, Ethan only ever found one place where he fit in, and that was with the gamers. They’d play D&D, board games, video games, whatever. They all knew they weren’t popular, but they didn’t care. But when the Great Shift struck, it was like they all won the lottery. Suddenly, they were all in very attractive bodies. Ethan, for instance, was in the body of a junior named Christina, who could’ve easily been a model. Unfortunately, he was also now the only girl in the gamer club. And it seemed like all his geeky friends (now in the bodies of quite attractive guys) seemed intensely interested in Ethan’s affections. She looked across the table to Mia for help or support, but Mia (who had been the only female member before the Shift placed her in a man’s body) was also a little interested in Ethan herself. It seemed the gamer club was no longer the safe space for Ethan it once had been...

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