Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Kpop Star (Part 2)

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Jason had assumed he would swap back to his own body right after the concert -- which went surprisingly well; he nailed the lyrics and somehow even the dancing -- however, instead he was rushed by Kim Soo’s management team to her hotel room. He felt nervous when he changed into more casual clothing, as it felt like he was violating Kim Soo’s privacy. Being in someone else’s body made sleeping difficult; in fact, he ended up staying up all night. Mostly he watched TV, but he also had a lot of time to think. Was he ever going to swap back to his own body? Maybe when he was finally able to sleep? He didn’t know if this was a dream come true or a nightmare. He loved being able to attend the concert, and it was even better experiencing it from a first person point of view, but did he want to be Kim Soo forever? But did he even have any sort of choice in the matter? As he thought about it, there was a knock on the door. He was going to need to catch a plane back to Korea.

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