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Monday, March 20, 2023

The Yoga Class (Part 4)

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Over the next few weeks, Keysha assumed Ming’s life. Ming tried to fight for it back, to explain who she really was. However, because of the brief period where the class had agreed to be who they appeared to be, it became impossible to convince everyone of the truth after the fact. Keysha loved being Ming; she loved being beautiful and skinny. She enjoyed going to the gym and being able to do effortlessly do things.

She switched into a different outdoor yoga class, but one day after a year, a new participant joined. It was Ming. Ming looked at her former body with disgust.

“How could you?” Ming asked, “The Great Shift took my body from me and gave it to you by chance. But you took everything from me by choice -- my life, my husband, everything! Why? Is being me really what it takes to make you feel better about yourself? I’ve started dating again after your husband wen missing during the Shift. You probably don’t even know he went missing, did you? You’re just happy that you took mine. I know your body may not exactly be the most conventionally attractive, but I’m feeling good about it now. I continue the workout stuff not to make your body look better, but because I enjoy it. Doing these things simply makes me feel better! I can find my own happiness no matter what body I am in. But you are just a b*tch who needs to take it from other people. I’d watch your back if I was still you.”

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