Saturday, March 18, 2023

VR Malfunction (Part 3)

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A few months passed, and I began to really began to embrace the fact that I was a beautiful woman. Part of this was likely due to the fact that I had quit my job immediately (I felt like I couldn’t explain what happened to me with a straight face), and I ended up taking up work as a model to pay the bills. The photographers and talent scouts were underandably impressed with the sort of superhuman things I could do.

Marvin also helped with the rent in the early months before the checks starting coming in. He was always a good friend, and his name was on the lease of the apartment we shared, so it made sense. Because of our long friendship and his kindness, we tried dating. Unfortunately, my super strength extended to all the muscles in my body, and I ended up severely injuring him when we got close enough to try sleeping together. While he was in the hospital recovering, I stayed by his side with only short trips to the nearby park for some fresh air. I used it to clear my head; I thought about breaking it off. But we ended up deciding to stay togethr; we just weren’t going to do THAT again any time soon.

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