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Friday, April 7, 2023

Privilege (Part 1)

When Niti looked down, she saw that she had pale, white, masculine hands. When she looked up, she saw her own body standing there. She had woken up in Brad’s body, and he had woken up in hers. They had rushed to meet each other, and she could obviously tell that Brad didn’t have time to do her hair and just grabbed a sweatshirt; she was impressed he managed to do her makeup well enough though.

“I guess...I’m sorry,” Brad suggested, “I’m sorry for that stuff I said yesterday. I suppose I do have white male privilege. Or I did. It certainly feels like I want it back. I want my body back. You can fix this, right?”

Niti looked at him in shock. “I...didn’,” She said pausing between each word, “I don’t know why we swapped bodies. If saying sorry gets us back normal, then I guess I’m sorry too? For...hurting your feelings?”

But the two friends just stared at each other, still trapped in each others’ bodies.

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