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Monday, July 11, 2011


Thomas had first found the strange clearing a few months ago. He was hiking alone when a voice boomed out, “I know your deepest desire. Bring a woman to me, and I shall grant it.” At first Thomas thought someone was playing a trick on him. But who could possibly be way out here in the middle of nowhere, and who could know that he had a secret fantasy to be a woman? He knew he’d have to return with one of his female friends to see if the strange voice was truthful. None of his female friends would want to go on a day-long hike (at least none of the ones he would want to swap bodies with), so he had to come up with a grander scheme. He had spent the time taking helicopter lessons, eventually earning his license, and asking his friend, Renee, to take his a flight with him. She was honored; she had no idea of his scheme. He flew her to the clearing and landed. The voice boomed again, “God job.” Before Thomas knew it, he was in Renee’s body, and his own body was nowhere to be found. Eventually, he might feel guilty, but for now, he was pleased with his new body.


  1. Oh who can blame him for wanting a body like that ;) Excellent caption my friend :D

  2. weird story & good use of pic. I wonder what happened to the poor girl