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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magic typewriter

When Charlie returned home from his vacation, he found that his apartment had been robbed. They had taken everything, but left a lone typewriter on a small table. It had a long sheet of paper in it with one sentence on it, “I am a magic typewriter; any wish you type on me will be granted.” Charlie almost chuckled, as he thought about the robber’s sick humor leaving this thing. But something compelled him to type. He sat down and wrote, “I wish I had been born female.” He had no idea why he wrote that; there was no way this thing granted wishes! But as he leaned in to type a second sentence, he noticed his nails were now pained! He looked down to see his body changed--he was now a woman! His wish had been granted!


  1. And a stunning female at that :) Wish I had a typewriter like that/ Thanks!