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Monday, December 2, 2019

Build Confidence

“Did it work?” Arthur asked his best friend Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t even have words. He couldn’t believe Arthur didn’t seem to have a clue what had happened to him after Sheldon zapped him with the transmographier. In a way, Arthur had some resemblance to the nerdy college student he once was. He still wore his bow tie and collared shirt, only now these clothes fit on the body of a shapely, beautiful woman.

“You don’t notice any changes?” Sheldon finally blurted out.

“I can’t figure out a thing,” Arthur replied in a perky, sing-songy voice that Sheldon found very attractive.

“And we’re still friends?”

“Best friends!”

“Would you like to more than friends?” Sheldon was a little nervous. Normally a woman this hot would be out of his geeky league, but the hot woman standing before him was actually Arthur.

Arthur blushed, “I’ve always wondered why you never asked me sooner.”

“I guess I just needed to build my inventi -- I mean -- build my confidence...”

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