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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 4)

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Ted yelled at Laura nonstop, and the argument continued when the couple returned to their room.

“What the hell, Laura?! What the hell?” Ted demanded.

“You told me to have fun and enjoy myself!” Laura retorted.

“But cheating on me?”

“Technically, YOU’RE cheating on ME. At least as far as anyone who saw it is concerned.”

“Not if we never swap back.”

The room became silent. They both had hope, but it was suddenly a real possibility that swapping back might never happen. In fact, Ted didn’t even want to now. He wanted to stay in Laura’s body, keep her life, and never see his own body ever again.

“I want a divorce, Laura.” Ted stated, “And I know what that may mean, but frankly I don’t care. I’d rather stay stuck in your body for the rest of my life instead of being stuck for the rest of my life with you as my spouse.”

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