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Sunday, November 3, 2019


Brad sighed when he arrived to work on Monday. He was sure it was going to be another long, boring week. However, just as he started to break into some reports he had to take care of, the image on his screen changed. In fact, his entire desk seemed to have changed. But it wasn’t his desk that was the problem, it was his body! He was an entirely different person, a woman! An announcement soon came over the office’s emergency system. The building was in lockdown mode; no one would be allowed in or out. An group of anti-government had claimed responsibility for the body swapping. They were saying that if people were someone different every day, the government wouldn’t be able to track them, enforcing laws would be meaningless as you couldn’t guarantee you had the right person, and so on. This building was just the beginning. Next time it might be a whole town or county. Brad just sighed as he thought about the inconvenience, made his way back to his desk, and continued to work. By the end of the day, they had brought in outside security to scan everyone on their way out. Brad wasn’t sure quite what they were looking for, or even if they could be sure of guilt if they found someone with something they wanted, but he was happy to finally be able to leave work -- even if he was going to have to go home with this woman’s body instead of his own.

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