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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Crap Shoot

“Just wanted you to know I arrived safely this morning, and I’ll be at the meeting with the investors in a few hours,” Martin said into the phone.

His boss was on the other end, nervous as always.

Martin continued, addressing his boss’s concerns, “The teleporter worked fine. Yeah, I got another’s woman’s body this time. You know how the selection process goes for these last minute trips. It was either this or a guy who looked like a drug addict. And don’t worry, she’d completely presentable.”

Martin waited as his boss complained about the last female body he teleported into for a meeting, who didn’t own a single piece of respectable clothing. The body he got this time was nice with a good wardrobe appropriate for the meeting he had. But teleporting technology was kind of a crap shoot. Sure, you got there instantly, but you had to swap with someone who was in that physical location who also had an interest in being in your physical location. That being said, it sure made taking a meeting halfway across the country on short notice much easier.

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