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Saturday, November 23, 2019


After the bright light blinded Todd for a minute, he blinked several times in order to restore his vision. Things were blurry and objects were leaving visual trails behind them. He was sure he just needed a minute to focus, but things felt weird. He rubbed his eyes hoping it would help, but as he did he swore their was something weird about his fingernails. With his vision still being off, it was hard to keep them still enough to properly see them, but he was pretty sure these fingers weren’t his.

In fact, as his vision slowly cleared, he became very aware that his entire body was not his own. Judging from reactions of a few people nearby, he could tell he probably wasn’t the only one. However, he had to admit that his own situation was quite extreme. He had completely changed genders! He was now a woman! Judging from what he could see, he had quite an attractive body that was dressed rather provocatively. The whole thing raised so many questions, but right now he didn’t have a lot of answers.

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