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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Claw Machine

It had been a number of years since Andre and Elle used the Medallion of Zulu to swap bodies. A short time after the swap, the medallion went missing, and they ended up stuck in each other’s bodies. Over the years, Andre had quite gotten used to being in Elle’s body. He enjoyed being a spunky, outgoing woman in the world. There were certainly days he missed his old life, but he tried not to dwell on it.

But one night at a carnival, a claw machine caught his eye -- or, more specifically, a particular item in the claw machine. There it was once more, the Medallion of Zulu. He could pour quarter after quarter into the machine in order to get it. He could track down Elle (he had lost touch with her through the years). He could get his own body back. He certainly considered it for a while as he leaned on the glass of the machine and looked down. Ultimately, he decided to just keep going. Let someone else find the medallion and have some adventures with it. He was happy being Elle; going back to his old life would just make things chaotic and weird again...

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