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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 5)

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Over the course of the week, Jason really began to relax in his new body. He mostly stopped checking the website at all about the ETA of when he could return. In fact, he only went back to confirm the extent of the bug. It seemed bad enough that the company had no idea who was really who, and were depending on the honor system in order to get people back to their original bodies.

Of course, by the time he was able to get back, Jason no longer cared to. He decided he was going to keep this woman’s body as his own. And he loved wearing all sorts of revealing outfits to show it off. His favorite was hitting up the nearby beach in a skimpy bikini. He hoped that the bug destroyed any records and any possible proof of who he really was. He hoped enough people didn’t want to go back to their own lives either to further confuse who he could really be. For whatever reason, the woman didn’t seem to be demanding her own life back either, so maybe it all just worked out perfectly fine for everyone...

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