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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Still Playing Santa

Barney had been dressing up as Santa for the local kids for many years. Unfortunately, thanks to the Great Shift earlier this year, Barney now had a new body, and he wasn’t sure he could convince anyone that he was Santa now. After all, instead of his older, portly body, he was now young, skinny, and female. Nevertheless, he had his Santa suit refitted, and put it on, ready to entertain.

It turns out the kids didn’t really care. However, now that many of the kids were in the bodies of adults, having them sit on his lap was often out of the question. Still, he realized he had to make an exception from time to time. One toung kid, now in the body of a rather burly man, burst out in tears when Barney asked him not to sit on his lap. He eventually relented. It was so painful, and he was sure his body would break. But he managed to go through the routine, and it opened the floodgate. Now ALL the kids in adult bodies wanted to do the same. It was going to be a long day.

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