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Monday, December 12, 2022

Experiment Subject #42B

“Excuse me, Dr. Lopez,” Dr. Grant Matheson asked, “Our benefactor is requesting an update on Experiment Subject #42B.”

“There is nothing special to report. Experiment Subject #42B has had a successful transfer with no incident. He is understanbly upset with it, but his vitals are fine.” Jeffrey lied to Dr. Matheson.

Of course, Jeffrey could’t tell the truth because he WAS Experiment Subject #42B. The test had gone wrong and instead of his brain ending up in the mind of a chimp, it ended up in the body of Dr. Lopez. He wasn’t happy about being older or a woman, but both were way better than being an animal! And, of course, he figured with her body he could escape this madhouse testing facility.

But to that, of course, he had to get out of the building. With Dr. Lopez being the one now stuck in the chimp, he was sure the only thing that would stop him was if he slipped up with one of her colleagues. But they all had seemed quite satisfied with his answers, so far, and he could see the exit just behind Dr. Matheson’s shoulder; he was so close to being free.

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