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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Dictator's Sister (Part 2)

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Escape wasn’t easy, but thankfully being in the body of the dictator’s sister had certain privileges. It meant Scott could set up a diplomatic meeting in the South. The guards were often reluctant to follow his orders, but he also knew they had to -- allowing him to give them the slip. This allowed him to get to the American embassy in Seoul.

He was sure his story about body swapping wouldn’t go well, and they’d think he was crazy. Instead, they told him about the Great Shift, and how everyone had swapped bodies. They asked how it affected North Korea. Scott replied that they all seemed to pretend like it didn’t happen.

They held Scott for a while as they examined him. Apparently they had worked on all sorts of ways to be able to track where and if someone had been swapped. They gave sparse to no details on how it worked, but Scott realized he must have passed when they flew him back to DC and let him go.

Scott could finally enjoy his life again. He could wear what he wanted and go where he wanted. He went out to a club; he danced! It didn’t matter that he had the body of Kim Yo Jong, the sisterof a brutal dictator. He was no longer under his thumb. He was free!

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