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Monday, February 27, 2023

Funeral Prayer (Part 3)

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As the months passed, I got used to being called Simone and living Simone’s life. Heck, for all intents and purposes, I was Simone now, and I was at peace with that. I used to go visit Luke’s grave with the hopes that somehow I would swap back to my original body, but now I mostly just went out of habit. Luke, in his grandfather’s body, would come along sometimes as well -- though he admitted it was tough due to his old age at times. But he also told me he didn’t mind being old, and he was on bonus time anyway, considering he should technically already be dead.

On one graveyard visit, Luke asked me to marry him. I shot him a look. He quickly explained it wasn’t about love or anything like that, but merely transactional. Luke’s grandfather had quite a bit of money and Luke had been the hopeful heir. That was all off the table now. Through marriage he could pass it off to me, a friend, someone he trusted, tax free. Plus, I could quit my job, and we could just live together and play video games all the time or whatever.

I had to admit that it sounded like a pretty good plan.

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