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Friday, January 27, 2023

Funeral Prayer (Part 2)

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Luke, Simone, and I all went to discuss what had just happened. Luke was overjoyed to be alive, even if was in the body of his own 80-year-old grandfather. He didn’t have any memory of an afterlife; it was more like one minute he was in the hospital and the next he was knealing at his own funeral. He quickly concluded that if tried to tell anyone who he really was, they’d probably think he was senile.

Simone and I both decided we probably wouldn’t fare much better trying to explain to people who we really were either. We didn’t know anything about each other, and we certainly didn’t know anything about being the opposite gender. We both decided to stay in touch in order to better cope.

Of course, we all also had the more immediate concern of the funeral. Luke’s body was still dead (presumably with his grandfather’s soul now inside of it), and it needed to be laid to rest. I nearly put on my own jacket before Simone handed me her own puffer coat instead. I put it on and we all went next door to the church for the funeral. I realized being Simone was going to take a lot of adjustment for me. It wasn’t going to be easy.

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