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Monday, January 30, 2023

No Clue

Every day Vince went a few blocks out of his way to check out the young moms at the playground with their kids. He’d shoot a few rude comments at the more attractive ones, and then be on his way.

It was on a cold February morning when he passed by with only a single mom watching her son play. Vince was about to open his big mouth when a bright light flashed. Suddenly, Vince was now in the body of the mom, and it wasn’t long before an angry 5 year old was in his face.

“What did you do?” The woman in the child’s body demanded to know.

“Look, I dunno. One minute I’m minding my own business, and the next, BAM! I got knockers,” Vince replied.

“You!? Why are YOU in my body? Where is my son?”

“I made a boom boom!” Vince heard his own voice call out.

“I ain’t got any clue how this all happened, but I gotta get to work. I’ll leave my number, and call me when you figure it out.” Vince said as he simply walked off with the woman’s body with the woman stuck in her son’s and the son stuck in Vince’s.

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