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Friday, January 13, 2023

The Merge (Part 2)

View The Merge (Part 1) here.

Of course, Melvin and Jody weren’t the only ones affected. A goth girl named Lily and a guy on the football team named Keith also got merged into a single woman; she ended up going by the name Lilith.

Lilith regularly called football “stupid” (of course, she called most things “stupid”) yet insisted on continuing to play for the team. She would quickly unleash a load of feminist fury if anyone said anything about how girls shouldn’t play football. She was a beast on the field and loved flexing her muscles, and the goth makeup she wore could often be intimidating to opponents. Off the field, she tried her best to be the same sort of ladies man that Keith had been, with a particular interest in Melody. There had often been rumors about Lily being a lesbian, but no one ever knew for sure, since she had mostly kepto to herself. But the clear preference for women from the merged Lilith seemed to leave little room for doubt about what once was.

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