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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Elevator (Part 1)

Very loosely based on this video.

My girlfriend and I were hoping to get to the top floor of the building in order to get a romantic bird’s eye view of the city. When we entered the elevator, we joined a businesswoman and a nebbish man inside. The man was standing by the buttons as if he was guarding them. We asked him to press the top floor, but it looked like he hit a secret button somewhere.

As we rode up, the lights blinked and the elevator shook before coming to a complete stop. I immediately checked on what I thought was my girlfriend, but she kept brushing me off. It was several more minutes before I realized we had all swapped bodies. It seems I swapped with the businesswoman and the man was now in the body of my girlfriend. I tried to signal to the elevator’s camera for help. Meanwhile, the man started being a total creep and doing all sorts of inappropriate things to my girlfriend’s body. My girlfriend (in the man’s body) kept trying to get him to stop. He tried to get me join in, but soon I joined my girlfriend in telling him to quit it. We were all relieved when the elevator started working again, but we all still stuck in the wrong bodies.

The creep basically pushed me out when we got to the businesswoman’s floor. I stood in shock for a moment, still very uncomfortable being in the wrong body, but I knew the elevator would be going all the way up to the top floor. But maybe if I rushed down to the ground, I could confront the man and force him to give my girlfriend her body back.

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