Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Character Creation (Part 1)

Graham had just gotten his hands on the hottest new video game a few days before its release. He was psyched as he immediately started created his character. Much like with previous entries in the series, he picked a female character and went about making his dream babe. He boosted up the chest size and reduced the waist. He put her in the least amount of clothes the game would allow, and tried to make the most beautiful face that he could imagine.

When all was done, he hit START. The screen went blank. In a rather ominous manner, so did the lights in his room. It was pitch black. When the light slowly came back, his was shocked that his entire house seemingly vanished, leaving only grass, rocks, and nature around. But he recognized it. It was like the background in the character creation screen, but...real? He reached down to touch the grass in disblief, but immediately noted his new body -- the perfect skin the large chest, the minimal outfit -- he had become the character he had just created. The game had become real, and there didn’t seem to be a qay to quit!

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