Friday, February 24, 2023

Present (Part 2)

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Ever since Christmas Miles would wake up and check out his new body. Then he’d look over at the gross, snoring man sharing his bed, and he’d want to vomit. He’d make lunch fo the two little girls and drive them to school. He felt like he probably should’ve felt something toward them, but he just didn’t; he simply found them to be annoying. But he made sure his passport was up to date, he shifted some mone in the family’s finances, and then he booked a cheap flgith and waited.

Then one day, after dropping the girls off for school, he drove to the airport. Within a few hours, he was on an exotic island. He hadn’t bought a return ticket; he didn’t bring his phone; he was just making a clean break and starting a new life here. But, he could enjoy the beach first. He marveled how good his body looked in the swimsuit and he began to smile and flirt with single guys on the beach. He never felt bad for the family he left behind; he never felt like they were his family at all to begin with.

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