Wednesday, February 15, 2023

No Longer at the Country Club

The last thing Bradford remembered was being on the country club when he saw a flash of bright light. He wondered if he had been struck by an errant golf ball because his head really hurt. When he began to look around, he realized something was off. He wasn’t at the country club anymore. He was surrounded by houses that were so...small! And was that one on cinder blocks? He wouldn’t have dared step his foot in this part of town! But he soon discovered his feet (and his entire body) were no longer his own. He had swapped into the body of a poor woman! It disgusted him. He could stand the woman part but being poor? THAT was a bridge too far as long as he was concerned.

He was more than relieved when he learned the body swapping was a mass event called the Great Shift, and they were setting up ways to reclaim your own life. Of course, Bradford didn’t know much of is own personal information to prove his identity; he always hired other people to remember that sort of stuff for him. As a result, it seems he would stuck living the life of a poor woman for a while.

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